Tibetan Bowl Meditations

by Divasonic

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This special 90-minute compilation of tibetan bowl performances by Lynda Arnold is layered with chimes, tuning forks, bansuri and c flute. The long play nature of the music is ideal for massage sessions, sound healing sessions, as accompanying music for mantra or chanting sessions, for meditation and for yoga classes. The deep, resonate sound of the bowls provide a special sense of grounding into the earth while the higher bowls, chimes, tuning forks and flutes lift consciousness to another dimension of possibility. The sound of the bowls will take you to another place where you can be free to let thoughts wander in and out and unlock areas in the mind or body that may have been dormant for some time. In this sound, you can relax and be free. Great care was taken in the recording process to get the best sound from these hand-made, healing grade Nepalese Bowls.


My first meditation/yoga music album features the magic sound of Tibetan Bowls. I discovered these bowls during the Sound, Voice and Music Healing certificate program led by Silvia Nakkach at CIIS in San Francisco. Some of my peers were already using them in ceremonies and for healing and I found them to be profoundly powerful. At the same time, I found a book by Tibetan Bowl healer and educator Suren Surestha called 'How to Heal with Singing Bowls.’ During my advanced training with Suren, I learned how to give 'sound baths' to people using the bowls by placing them around the body. The set of bowls I use are from Nepal, hand-made and carefully selected by Suren. The small, high pitched bowls are factory made but still provide ethereal healing to the head and spirit while the big bowls ground and move energy all around the body. This is a minimal, long play ambient album broken up in three sections, that represent three performances with the bowls. In the three performances on the album, I played the bowls in no particular order but let myself flow between them. Some parts are very spaced out between bowl strikes. In a few sections, you will hear the angelic little bowls only and in other sections a cocaphony of bowls played close together. A wonderful swell of overtones and harmonics that seem otherworldly will envelope the listener. Chimes, tuning forks and flute were added later in the mixing process to help balance the frequency content in the recording.

The bowls were recorded with the latest digital and analog recording technology at Ghost Cat Studios in San Francisco by audio engineers Ryan Kleeman and Jay Marston. I wore a stereo pair of contact microphones on each ear. In addition, two Neumann stereo microphones placed in front of the bowls picked up the performance. The contact microphones create a neat binaural effect. You will be able to hear the bowls played in various parts of the stereo field from my own perspective. You will also hear sounds pan left and right as I move around to play bowls on either side of me. Each set of 14 bowls from Suren is unique, containing slightly different harmonic colors and pitches. So, this Tibetan bowl album will not sound like any other, due to the specific configuration that is unique to my collection of bowls. I hope you find the sound enlightening and deeply beautiful as I do.


released February 1, 2014

Tibetan Bowl Performances by Lynda Arnold
Engineered by Ryan Kleeman and Jay Marston at Ghost Cat Studios in San Francisco
Mastered by Ryan Kleeman



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